random thoughts

Where are we all going in life? Really, what is the meaning to it all? Can’t be money like most people think, this is a new concept. Procreation? There has to be more to it than that, as much fun as it is still not enough.

I don’t think there is one answer to this question.

The answer is deep within each of us, we all have our own reasons for being here. The trick is to find what YOUR purpose it and to do the best you can in just being yourself.

My goals are becoming more focused for me, it just takes time to get everything in line with what needs to be done. Sometimes it seems that other people have the goal in life to hinder others and bring everyone else down.

I am learning to deal with these people as well and figuring out how to work around them. When I have everything where it needs to be the world had better watch out, because I am going to take my little part like a storm and make good!






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