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Love CarrotsA couple of the Dragon Carrots from our garden.

The Greeks had several words to better describe different types of “love” that occur:

Agapē-is the godly love-unconditional, based on principle

Storgē-is familial love-the love we have for our children
Philia-is a non-sexual love-love of friends
Eros-is sexual love between people

It seems than many people confuse what love is. Even as concise as the ancient (and modern for all I know) Greeks had it, there still is no easy way to define all aspects of it.

There is no ‘set’ definition that fits all, so choose what you can and enjoy what you have. I know I have and always will have all aspects.

Especially Eros

‘The scope and size of the volume was such that it could not be contained in a single book, and so Tor proudly presents The Gathering Storm as the first of three novels that will make up A Memory of Light.’

The Countdown is on! The final Wheel of time book, will be three books, with The Gathering Storm being the first installment. I sure hope that this is more than a way to get more money for publishing more books based upon an authors name. The quality is there to support that quantity is tradition follows, and with Jordan’s editor/widow in the thick of it there is no reason for it not to be, especially at 748 pages as given on the site linked below.

The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

Bernie is using twitter to full advantage and has been open and informative about the potential it holds.

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This is a post from Early March that I did not finish during the original session.

Again I find myself in a state of flux. I decided to not seek full time employment, and the work had absolutely flooded me, more than I can reasonably do. Which is good. But this has happened before, then when all is caught up not enough to keep the bills paid. I am going on the assumption that either work will come in steady, or I will grow in another. I have a plan, seemingly good support, and motivation. I just need time.

Other news, I have had another photo session. there was a plan in mind so not a whole lot of creativity was used. Next time, and it should be soon, I will be ready to deal with the issues that came up. Like a sync cord shorting out on me half way through! I now have a radio slave for the flashes which will help.

Over all things are looking up, and will continue to do so!

A lot has happened in the almost 2 months, it is late so I will just hit some high points.

The big news is that I quit my job, then agreed to work part time doing the commercial printing. I now have the time to do what I need for my business, and still can make a bit of money.

It is cold, it is warm, a mild winter so far, but the cold snaps we have had have been -11 & -21 below fortunately neither lasted long. I can remember growing up when cold spells were 24 below and lasted a week and a half to two weeks.

The friend is still a friend, but at times tentative, communication is poor.

Where are we all going in life? Really, what is the meaning to it all? Can’t be money like most people think, this is a new concept. Procreation? There has to be more to it than that, as much fun as it is still not enough.

I don’t think there is one answer to this question.

The answer is deep within each of us, we all have our own reasons for being here. The trick is to find what YOUR purpose it and to do the best you can in just being yourself.

My goals are becoming more focused for me, it just takes time to get everything in line with what needs to be done. Sometimes it seems that other people have the goal in life to hinder others and bring everyone else down.

I am learning to deal with these people as well and figuring out how to work around them. When I have everything where it needs to be the world had better watch out, because I am going to take my little part like a storm and make good!

On July 1st I took devil to a training demonstration in Great Falls. He had been gone for a day. This was the first time Millie had been separated from him since I brought him home. When I got home that night and was taking his halter off, Millie came running up, spun and let loose on me. It was a small kick as horse kicks go. But she hit my hamstring and must have done some damage. Yesterday was the first day I have been able to ride my bike without pain and cramping.

The bruise Millie gave me.5 days after the kick, ever tried to take a photo of the back of your own leg?

On December 3rd My bloodhound Bud passed on.

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Conner got his first deer on the 19th of Nov. 2005.

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