Previous Entrys

The previous entrys were written over the last couple on years. Coming across them was a bit enlightening about my past, and shows me where I need to go.

(added 8-16)
I have been asked a couple of times why post them to the public, I answer why not! I am who I am, the person who was is as much a part of me as the person I am and the person I am growing into. I feel no shame in saying I have dealt with problems in the past, am dealing with some now and definately will in the future. Part of my growth is accepting, adapting, and making use of ALL of my past, good and bad.

for support of this read the comment, Thanks Sarah!



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  1. Sarah Avatar

    To my good buddy, Wade:
    I say, good for you! Post away… To those who have commented in any sort of negative way, all I can say is that you must not have taken the time to get to know Wade. It takes a certain amount of courage to post some of the dark side of yourself. Those who hide themselves never see the light. I have seen Wade’s dark side and light side. I have laughed with him and cried with him, had intellectual conversations far into the night (he’s incredibly intelligent) and shared many secrets that I wouldn’t share with others.

    Wade, may you have peace in your heart, love in your life and many years ahead filled with laughter.

    love ya,


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