a form of Japanese poetry; the 1st and 3rd lines have five syllables and the 2nd, 4th, and 5th have seven syllables (57577)

A series of thoughts that sprung up over a few days.

The sun enters me
warming my heart and my soul
Let the sunshine in

Emotions guide us
Only you can allow change
Maintain who you are
Always be honest with YOU
Keep your emotions centered

When others control
Who you think you should become
Where your life should be
Little good will manifest
Constantly be true to YOU.

The love of your life
will appear in its due time
live your life fully!

Love heals

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I have this under Tanka even tho it really is not, it follows 5,7,7,7,7, but what I wanted to get across just did not fit. Call it creative license. 🙂

What can I do now
being alone is normal
not beneficial
my life should not be as such
but how does one change their life

learn to live anew!
revel in what joy you have
make everything count
live your life to the fullest
and joy will find its way in

The previous entrys were written over the last couple on years. Coming across them was a bit enlightening about my past, and shows me where I need to go.

(added 8-16)
I have been asked a couple of times why post them to the public, I answer why not! I am who I am, the person who was is as much a part of me as the person I am and the person I am growing into. I feel no shame in saying I have dealt with problems in the past, am dealing with some now and definately will in the future. Part of my growth is accepting, adapting, and making use of ALL of my past, good and bad.

for support of this read the comment, Thanks Sarah!

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