This is a post from Early March that I did not finish during the original session.

Again I find myself in a state of flux. I decided to not seek full time employment, and the work had absolutely flooded me, more than I can reasonably do. Which is good. But this has happened before, then when all is caught up not enough to keep the bills paid. I am going on the assumption that either work will come in steady, or I will grow in another. I have a plan, seemingly good support, and motivation. I just need time.

Other news, I have had another photo session. there was a plan in mind so not a whole lot of creativity was used. Next time, and it should be soon, I will be ready to deal with the issues that came up. Like a sync cord shorting out on me half way through! I now have a radio slave for the flashes which will help.

Over all things are looking up, and will continue to do so!






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