Figuring out life

We all do what we can
to get to where we need to go

Everything flows as it must
The question we all need to ask is…
are we going to go with that flow
or paddle against it.

Life is much easier when we simply flow
But is that really the best path?

My experience is, usually no.
The easy way is just that, too easy.

We need to work on things in life in order to grow and become who we need to be. If we remain stagnant then how do we learn anything, experience new opportunities and find what else there is in life. Meeting challenges is part of what keeps me going. But some challenges are just too much. We need to decide which streams to paddle against. One thing I need to do is evaluate just this. One of my objectives is to let those I am involved with know exactly where I am headed, as it pertains to them. I have been doing so with vigor and true feeling with some, and have just begun with some others. If you are one of those I have opened to then you know what I am talking about. If I talk to you someday and say I want to have a conversation then you know what is coming 🙂 It will never be something bad, but just a clearing of the cobwebs in my head. The release of these stresses is something that I am working on to alleviate my headaches.

Wish me luck, and pray for me.







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