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  • Figuring out life

    We all do what we can to get to where we need to go Everything flows as it must The question we all need to ask is… are we going to go with that flow or paddle against it. Life is much easier when we simply flow But is that really the best path? My…

  • Symptoms of inner peace

    Symptoms of inner peace 1. Tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fear based on past experiences. 2. An unmistaken ability to enjoy each moment. 3. Loss of interest in judging other people. 4. Loss of interest in judging self. 5. Loss in interest in interpreting the action of others. 6. Loss of…

  • uplift

    A series of thoughts that sprung up over a few days. The sun enters me warming my heart and my soul Let the sunshine in Emotions guide us Only you can allow change Maintain who you are Always be honest with YOU Keep your emotions centered When others control Who you think you should become…

  • to sleep, or not to sleep, that IS the question.

    Too many things on my mind I just can’t stop the flow of thoughts from rushing in and out. I rehash the day, what if, why not why. Damn it JB, I know I think too much! but it is part of me. Who I am is this person with the overactive mind. When it…

  • Love Can Heal

    Click for larger image, and use the back button to return. ———————— I have this under Tanka even tho it really is not, it follows 5,7,7,7,7, but what I wanted to get across just did not fit. Call it creative license. 🙂

  • sunshine

    life is how you live make of it the best you can sunshine is comfort

  • Happiness

    Isn’t it amazing how the little things can sometimes make the most difference in out lives? Having someone there to say hello to, or goodnight, just before the light goes out. A child smiling at you in the checkout lane. Getting an email or a letter from someone you have not heard from in far…

  • Protected: tired

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Life

    What can I do now being alone is normal not beneficial my life should not be as such but how does one change their life learn to live anew! revel in what joy you have make everything count live your life to the fullest and joy will find its way in

  • Friendship re-found

    Understanding This is what makes wounds heal. Both sides must remember the other has reasons for their actions or inactions. Trust must be regained, but the effort is worth the battle. The best of friends should never be put away without a great fight, I have put up this fight and in doing so have…