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  • Chicago Cemeteries, Dec 2013

    I want to show the beauty of the honor given to the people, and show a respect for both a final resting place and the differing ways we memorialize their lives. In December 2013 I had a chance to visit two cemeteries in Chicago.  

  • On a Dark and Smokey Evening

    On a Dark and Smokey Evening

    I was out feeding last night and the smoke from nearby fires is really making things interesting at sunset. The sun was behind the old chevy that is waiting for restoration. I shot this with my phone and edited it to make the pickup stand out more than the sun. Enjoy, there may be more.

  • Wild Goose Island

    Wild Goose Island

    We made a trip through the park on the 18th of August. This is the first time Dianna, Morgan, and Dianna’s mom Genny have had the opportunity to see this wonderful place. The glaciers have been receding for 10,000 years, or whenever the last ice age ended, but they are now receding faster. They would…

  • Love Can Heal

    Click for larger image, and use the back button to return. ———————— I have this under Tanka even tho it really is not, it follows 5,7,7,7,7, but what I wanted to get across just did not fit. Call it creative license. 🙂

  • MOBY – Why does my heart feel so bad? updated

    Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? Why does my heart feel so bad? Why does my soul feel so bad? He’ll open doors ——————- Here is am image I created using this song as inspiration, and an idea from raiawoman. It is a rough idea and not…

  • Alaska 2003

    here is a link to all 12 rolls of our Alaska trip in 2003. Enjoy

  • Chances

    I always have liked this shot. It was for the most part chance.

  • Swift Reservoir

    Swift Reservoir fills after a long dry spell.